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Multiple Guinness World Record holder, serial Adventurer & Fundraiser Jamie McDonald is renowned for being one of the most talented motivational speakers in the world.

Award winning UK Motivational Speaker

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Motivational Speaker - Adventureman | Speaker & Author


Motivational Speaker - Adventureman | Speaker & Author

“One of the best motivational speakers we’ve ever had​”

Motivational Speaker - Adventureman | Speaker & Author

“the standing ovation said it all”

A UK Motivational Speaker, who truly Energises and Motivates

If there’s a UK motivational speaker who holds the secret to resilience; it’s Adventureman.

When it comes to UK motivational speakers, Jamie McDonald is an expert and is making a huge impact on people’s lives around the world.

After overcoming serious illness as a child, Jamie wanted to give back to the hospitals that had helped him and raise money to help sick children overcome their illness.

In 2012, Jamie bought a secondhand bike and set off on his first superhero adventure – a 14,000-mile ride from Bangkok back to Gloucester.

As if that wasn’t enough, Jamie then embarked on a run across Canada, following in the footsteps of Canadian fundraising hero, Terry Fox. Jamie has also completed a gruelling 210 marathon run around America.

During these challenges Jamie faced huge obstacles and some incredibly dangerous situations – from losing the end of his nose from frostbite, to a close escape from a mountain lion! Despite these often-hostile circumstances, Jamie remained motivated and determined to complete the challenges ahead of him, which is what makes him such a fantastic UK motivational speaker.

Even when he is not running or cycling around the world, being in one place doesn’t stop Jamie – he has broken world records and raised money for charity by staying in one spot.

Jamie has completed a 12-day static bike ride without stopping and entered the Guinness book of records for covering a distance of over 524 miles in 7 days, running on a treadmill.

That’s emotional and physical endurance that no man or woman has ever gone before.

motivational speaker uk

Over the years, Jamie has raised over one million pounds for sick children so far through his charity, Superhero Foundation and recently he won the ITV‘s Pride of Britain, one of the most prestigious honours and awards in the country.

Listening to Jamie talk about the challenges he has faced and how he remains so positive and determined, will motivate anyone, and stir up the energy and excitement needed in achieving big personal and business goals.

Jamie connects with the audience and his boundless energy and courage in the face of adversity, inspires listeners to believe in themselves, build resilience and to keep going, despite what obstacles may be in their path.

Out of all the UK motivational speakers, Jamie really knows how draw upon his experiences to positively impact his audiences lives.

Adventureman has gone VIRTUAL!

Motivational Speaker - Adventureman | Speaker & Author

In the new post-pandemic world – platforms like Zoom, Microsoft Teams are making it easier than ever to motivate and inspire your staff, wherever they may be.

All of Jamie’s talks are available to book as a virtual session, and feedback from clients is that these online events are just as impactful as if he were there in person:

“Fantastic virtual session from Jamie McDonald, as ever! Incredible feedback from the staff many of whom included family members in the session. Was superb to see everyone having such fun, albeit remotely, and some wonderful dance moves by many! For any business, I would highly recommend using Jamie this way to tell his unique and inspiring stories of resilience and coping strategies in difficult and challenging times”Capita

A personal message from Motivational Speaker Jamie McDonald

It’s a pretty scary time for most people right now. I do not know about you, but I wake up every day in the hope of hearing good news, and that the impact of the virus is easing.


But then I realise – I have no idea what life in the UK will look like when this is all over. Will businesses thrive again? Will we be able to travel as freely as we have done in the past? Will handshaking be off the menu at speaker events and hugging too (as a hugger, this is a terrifying thought).

Four things we can be certain of (click to expand)

But one thing is for sure – the widespread impact of the corona virus will come to an end at some point.
And how we deal with the day to day challenges between now and then will shape not only our personal lives and businesses, but those around us too.
I’m no business expert, but I am a motivational speaker in the UK and I do have over a decade of experience in dealing with unexpected and difficult circumstances. In my line of work, adventures, nothing ever goes to plan.

Rather than offer empty words of encouragement or spout motivational quotes – I thought I’d share three key mindset tools that I’ve learned from past adventures that will not only help us survive, but thrive in the current climate.


There will always be things we can change, and things that we can’t.

When I was running across the middle of the Arizona desert in August, I was forced to run at night because daytime temperatures were soaring to 50C.

One night, I heard reports that a mountain lion had been spotted on the road up ahead. I was terrified but with nothing for 30 miles in either direction, I had no choice but to keep pressing on. To add even more drama, an electrical storm then started – big forks of purple lightning shot from the clouds up ahead and the wind began to pick up. Oh and I was pushing a metal pram to carry all my stuff, not the best situation to be in during a lightening storm.

It was not how I’d intended my night’s run to pan out. But I couldn’t control where that mountain lion was, or how bad the storm got. All I could control were the decisions I made from then on. I could control my breathing, my pace (which quickened dramatically), and checking in with my GPS tracker to make sure people knew exactly where I was, should something go wrong. I ran until dawn, focussed on nothing but my breathing and my steps – not letting my mind wander too often into the ‘what ifs’ – because I couldn’t control those and worrying didn’t make them go away.
In times of stress, I’ve always found that it helps to accept that the situation is what it is. Then to separate out what you can and can’t control and adapt your behaviour within the confines of what you are able to do, rather than focusing on what might have been possible in the past.
Adaptation is a difficult thing. But it’s in our DNA as humans, it’s what we do. That’s within you too. Ride out the discomfort, find and focus on the things you can control and let them lead the way.

Of course, adaptation comes more easily to some than others. My dad is a dreadful one for accepting change. But after years of fighting the smart phone revolution and me literally screaming at him to join the 21st century, he finally cracked.

He’s even learnt to trust Google maps and binned his old paper maps. I know, big deal. If my dad can adapt, so can you.



The world is moving at a slower pace (as it is right now) might seem like a bad thing, but it offers us all a chance to think. And I mean really think.

So why not take the time to step off the day to day treadmill and work out what’s next for you. Here’s some of the questions I mention in my motivational talks to kick start your perspective process:

What drives me forward and really motivates me in life?
When do I feel at my most fulfilled?
If I could only accomplish one thing in the next year, what would that be?
What one change could I make today that’s going to make the biggest difference, both to my life and the people around me?

Wow, I know. Deep questions, right? I hope they’ve got you thinking.

It’s only when we give ourselves that super valuable ‘time out’ to gain perspective that we allow space for that ‘Eureka!’ moment.
Taking the time to reflect and work out what lights your inner fire will give you more clarity as you navigate turbulent waters. It’ll hold your ship steady even if a storm rages around you. And once you know what you want, the question that naturally follows is ‘now how do I get there?’


I have focused my entire career based on motivation speaking. I aim to motivate myself and others. Motivational speaking is a fascinating topic because it’s intensely personal. And when you use it wisely, it can open doors and unlock parts of yourself and that you didn’t even know existed.

I once ran for seven days straight on a treadmill and broke a world record in the process. I can tell you that there were times during those seven days that I lost my running mojo. I also lost my rag, and my marbles too (that was on day 5).
But my motivation never faltered. I knew why I was there. I knew I was running to show the world that we can achieve absolutely anything when we really put our mind to it. I knew that I was running to raise funds for sick kids across the world, and to give a little something back.

It was knowing that which motivated me to push through the pain, to save time by peeing in a jug on the treadmill (Sorry for the overshare) to push through sleep deprivation and even the need to have all my meals blended into bland mush. Do not ask.

So, what is your own ‘treadmill world record attempt?’ What are you discounting as impossible, before even having given it a try?

Only in starting something, in putting yourself in an uncomfortable position and taking risks will you truly grow and get the enlightenment you need for the months ahead. The worst that could happen is you end up right back where you started. Is that so bad? But then again, you could move on leaps and bounds.

I always feel like we have two choices in life, and we make them repeatedly, daily. Life can be lived on cruise control, breathing in rich oxygen at sea level. Or we can spend a bit of time gasping for breath at the top of our metaphorical Mount Everest’s and learning from what we discover while we are up there.

I do not know about you, but I would like to lie back on my death bed and know that I tried to nip up to Everest every now and then. And that I grabbed on to as many experiences on the earth (and Mars, and the Universe!) as I possibly could.

In my motivational speaker UK talks I discuss adaptation, perspective and questioning the possible are all traits of a great adventurer and entrepreneurial mindset. So how about treating the current climate like a grand adventure? There will be the good, the bad, and the ugly. But all of that can be a beautiful place for growth. Seeking it out can help us to continue our journey with pride, to make a difference and change the world, even against the odds.

Jamie's story has reached over 200 million people, and has featured on:

Motivational Speaker - Adventureman | Speaker & Author
Motivational Speaker - Adventureman | Speaker & Author
Motivational Speaker - Adventureman | Speaker & Author


Copies sold world wide

At the age of nine, Jamie’s family feared he would never walk again. Twenty years later, he set off to run 5,000 miles solo coast to coast across Canada.

The key problems that Jamie solves within organisations are:
Self-empowerment 🙌

In Jamie’s motivational speaker UK talks he discusses self empowerment. If your business is going through a challenging time, it can be a struggle to keep morale high. Jamie excels in lifting the spirits of those in the audience, who will leave the room feeling energised, excited about the future, and ready to take on the world.

Resilience 💪

In Adventureman’s motivational speaker UK talks he discusses self resilience. Perhaps your organisation has gone through a recent restructure, or is experiencing a large amount of change? Jamie’s stories help the audience to re-frame challenging circumstances as an opportunity to learn, and to grow. Through authentic examples from his adventures he demonstrates that when you vow to grit your teeth and never, ever give up, that’s when truly great things happen.

Power of connection 🤝

In Jamie’s motivational speaker UK talks he discusses the power of connection. No matter who you are or what role you play within an organisation, the ability to connect with others on a human level can have a huge impact on your ability to achieve your goal. Jamie shares how powerful human connections across the world have enabled him to raise over £1,000,000 for charity and change the lives of thousands of others in the process. This motivational speaker topic is especially beneficial for front line, customer facing staff.

Making a difference 👏

In Adventureman’s motivational speaker UK talks he discusses making a difference. Are your staff feeling undervalued? Jamie’s motivational speaking will help employees to understand that each and every one of them has the ability to make a huge difference to the lives of others. The audience will leave the room feeling empowered – in full belief that what they do, day in day out, really does make them a superhero too.

Jamie works with you to tailor his talk to your event theme.

UK motivational speaker Jamie

Some of the clients trusting Jamie as their motivational speaker:

Companies in which Motivational Speaker Adventureman has spoken
Motivational Speaker - Adventureman | Speaker & Author
“The way you tied your story to our mission statement ’empowering people to achieve more’ was outstanding. One of the best motivational speakers we’ve ever had. I think the standing ovation at the end said it all”
Microsoft HQ

Seattle, America

“Are you an adventurer, or a comedian? Phenomenal”

Sir Geoff Hurst

Former England footballer

“We flew Jamie around Great Britain to visit all of our offices’, he has a hugely entertaining story and is one of great personal endeavor; his tenacity in achieving his goals and in overcoming barriers is so motivational. Jamie’s motivational speaking style, his experiences and the challenges he faces, resonate well with his audience from both a personal and business perspective”


“Fundraising is easy with superhero mentality. We’d love you back as our motivational speaker”


“Absolutely incredible”

Prince Edward

His Royal Highness

“Your resilience and sense of adventure is another level and you delivered your talk in the most relatable and down to earth way. We’d love to book you again as our motivational speaker”


“You blew us away. Funny. Inspiring. One of the best motivational speakers we’ve ever seen”
Google HQ

New York, America

“Jamie has an inspiring story to tell as a motivational speaker, using his stories to motivate others with his incredible adventures”
Sir Steve Redgrave,

Rower, 5 time Olympic Gold Medalist

“Seeing Jamie speak was like watching an episode of Only Fools and Horses. Complete comedy and every once in a while, you get socked with a heartwarming moment”
Liverpool Victoria


“WARNING! Box of tissues required! So funny and so motivational! The perfect start to our staff conference. Endless echoing feedback like extremely touching, makes you remember why you do what you do.


“I nearly fell off my chair, hilarious and motivational”
Alexander Armstrong

BBC Presenter & Comedian

“Having booked countless motivational speakers before and feeling the pressure of running the biggest business award show held in the UK, booking Jamie is without doubt the best decision I’ve ever made. His passionate delivery of an innovative talk had over 800 esteemed guests hanging off his every word. Through a technically flawless and authentic presentation, he inspired the audience repeatedly – moving them from raucous laughter, to tears. The best thing about Jamie is that he doesn’t realise just how good he is. Never before have I had the pleasure of dealing with a motivational speaker who is so talented, and yet so down to earth. I wouldn’t hesitate to book him again”
Gloucestershire Business Awards


“Jamie provoked laughter, tears, shock, more laughter and transmitted a whole chunk of pride and self-esteem to a room full of police staff and inspectors, very motivational and uplifting story telling”


“His self-depreciating humour went down a storm and Jamie had an enormous impact on our soldiers. Very motivational”
British and Canadian Army


“That’s probably one of the most difficult audiences you’ll ever get with so many different cultural backgrounds. The standing ovation was deserved and showed how you connected with every single person. We’ve seen a lot of motivational speakers and you’re the real deal”

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

“After listening to your motivational talk something happened in my heart that hasn’t happened since the passing of my 8 year old son almost 9 years ago. I went to the cabinet where I keep the things that remind me of my son. There I found a beaded alligator which my son made whilst in hospital. At the time he gave it to me and said “here mommy, this one is for you, so you will never be alone.” The second is a medal the hospital gave him for being a hero. After hearing you speak, I now want you to have both of these things. The alligator because I don’t want you to ever feel like you’re alone on your adventures, and the gold medal because you are my hero”
Cindy Hopkins


“We googled ‘Superhero’ and that’s exactly what we found. We’d like to adopt him as our motivational speaker a few weeks each year and bring him back to Canada”
Coaches Association

Toronto, Canada

“I’ve worked with the company for more than 10 years and you were one of the greatest motivational speakers we’ve ever had. So down to earth and effortless to connect with. A well-deserved standing ovation. Thank you for the motivation”

Miami, America

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