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Recent COVID-19 Update : Business as usual, we are continuing to work through the pandemic, giving talks virtually.



Speaking and Events

If you’d like to book Jamie as a motivational speaker at your next event, please include as much information as possible, including date(s), estimated audience size and any other relevant details.

Bee Rand – email: or

Call: 0800 975 0628

TV, PR, interviews, Brand Partnerships and Business opportunities

For TV, brand partnership and business requests.

Bee Rand – email: or

Call: 0800 975 0628

Superhero Foundation

If you’d like to support Jamie’s charity, Superhero Foundation, or you’re a family in need that would like fundraising support.

Team at Superhero Foundation – email:

All Other Requests

For all other requests.

Bee Rand – email: or

Call: 0800 975 0628

And if you’d like to send Adventureman a personal message, please send it through Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, or Instagram.

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