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Over the years, let’s be honest, the NHS has taken some flack. But right now with the corona virus, it’s safe to say that they’re putting their lives at risk to support us in the time of need. And it genuinely fills my heart with pride and brings a tear to my eye.

As a kid, most of you know that I was in and out of hospital for years with a rare spinal condition.

Whilst in hospital, I’d spend a lot of time just lying on the bed, staring at the ceiling or looking out for the doctors and nurses, hoping that they’d pop over to see if I was alright.

I have a really strong memory of craving for one of the nurses to come over to my bedside and touch my arm. Because when they came over to touch my arm, I felt like everything was going to be okay.

Sure, sometimes it was just to take my blood sample, or check my charts, but whatever they were doing, I truly felt the nurturing warmth from the doctor or nurse whilst they were by my side.

Of course, they had no idea what that meant to me – but in my world, as a kid in pain, that simple act of human contact made a world of difference. From feeling ‘numb’ or feeling ‘nothing’ at all, I’d feel ‘something’, and that was love.

Actually, there was one time I got the chance to tell one of my nurses how they made me feel as a kid, Carol turned up at my first ever book launch – it felt amazing to tell her she was one of my superheroes!


They say that there are a few kinds of different ‘love languages’ – words, gifts etc. And mine is definitely touch. Last night, while watching the tele with my partner Anna, I held out my arm for her to tickle it (there it is – my dirty little secret, yes, Anna tickles my arm most nights).

Last night she stopped tickling when she got overly absorbed in a Netflix drama, and I looked at her like, ‘don’t you love me?’

She responded with a sigh and said – ‘bloody hell J’, I’m tired, I’ve been doing it all night!’ :)


Watching this corona virus unfold on tv and seeing all the social media posts about nurses doing 48 hour shifts, it compelled me to write about my own experience, and why I LOVE our NHS.

I’m not sure about you, but it’s easy to feel pretty hopeless right now. Especially stuck indoors (because I’ve got mild symptoms). So right now, all I can do is give some love in this way.

Tonight at 8pm, there’s a campaign called ‘clap for our carers’ kicking off. It’s about going to our front door and clapping for all the NHS staff and key workers (including health and social care workers) – the people who are stacking our food shelves, teachers and anyone else that is putting themselves at greater risk right now to support us.

I for one will be at the door clapping (I might even give it a whoooop!) and I hope you will be too. I’ll be clapping for all the carers and key workers who are saving lives across the globe too, it feels like our world is the most connected it’s ever been.

I can’t wait to hear the noise of our proud country at 8pm! We love our NHS!

Adventureman, over and out x


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