Adventureman Tracker

View the Live US Solo Run Tracker

Introducinnng… the Adventureman Tracker!

My live tracker, so you can see where I am at any time as I run 230 marathons across 15 States (so you don’t miss me!).

Live tracker link: https://z6z.co/adventureman – if you’d just like to see exactly where I am in the world, then simply click the link to follow along.

Here’s an image too of the (rough) route plan, so you can think ahead!

Tracker - Adventureman | Speaker & Author

Three ways I see the use of this tracker that you can either help, or get involved are…

1.Stalking: you can now stalk me over the next year or so, anytime you like – day or night!

2.See where I’m heading, help with fundraising: if I’m on my way towards your town, or you know someone in a town ahead that might like to put me up for the night, or even better, might like to put on a fundraising event before I arrive, get in touch! I’m actually doing motivational speaking on route to help with the fundraising, you can book me at a business, or a school, collage, or university.

3.Join me: join the adventure! Whether you just wanna come say hi, want a hug, would like to deliver a coffee, want to run, you’re all welcome. Especially all you lovely weirdos – you’d be in great company.

Let’s see if we can use this tracker to help with donations to make a difference in helping sick kids around the world!