How to keep sane in lockdown

Multiple Guinness World Record holder, serial Adventurer & Fundraiser Jamie McDonald is renowned for being one of the most talented motivational speakers in the world.

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Here’s a vlog with me and my partner in crime, Anna McNuff, doing a little adventure out of the house to keep sane from lockdown.

As you can imagine, Anna and I as adventurers aren’t the best types for staying indoors and we need to be ‘let off the lead’ to go for a run often.

Yes, I am insinuating me and Anna are like dogs. Man, she’d kill me if she knew what I was writing!

Anyhow, you’ll see from the video that’s when me and Anna are at our best, outside, running, moving, sucking in the fresh air and doing what we love. So here’s a vlog of us doing an 8 mile run around the Malvern Hill’s.

So that’s what we’d recommend in lockdown, walk outside, find the nearest hill, and go be an adventurer! You could even do it with a West Country accent if you wanted to, oooo’rrrr!

Seriously though, it’s amazing when you start to look at what hills are around you and what’s right on your doorstep.

We promise, it will keep you sane!

Watch the video here:




Big love, Adventureman and Anna x

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