Here’s the seventeenth of Jamie’s video updates as he continues his 5,000 mile coast to coast run across Canada. In this video, filmed in August 2013, Jamie marks 100 marathons by reaching Thunder Bay, where the inspirational Terry Fox’s ‘Marathon of Hope’ came to a sad end.

Huge thanks again to Andy Shaw (here on Twitter: @DukeShawZy) who gave up his free time to edit this video, a big help to Jamie who’s recently struggled to find the time to do so.

Enjoy and please do feel free to share this post.

Jamie began his 5,000 mile run across Canada on Sunday 10th March and aims to finish the run – the equivalent of 200+ marathons – in late January, running more than a marathon most days. He is aiming to become the first British person to run Canada coast to coast without a support crew.

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