Having been shortlisted for the Believe in Gloucester Awards: Ambassador of the Year – I felt incredibly honoured, and very proud – but to of been awarded with this accolade, well, its simply overwhelming. And a little mad I might add, as I’m not even sure what an Ambassador does/or is supposed to do!

My Mum, Dad, cousin Kev, Rich and Wendy we’re at the Awards with me to celebrate the evening. It really was such an inspirational evening, and there were so many amazing local people all getting the recognition they deserved. To show our appreciation to all the other nominations on our table, we all pretty much got stuck into the wiiiiine, sung our hearts out, and swung our arms around uncontrollably to the music. I think people noticed.

There were two other people in my category, the town crier Alan Myatt, and Kevin Tudor, dubbed ‘Mr Quedgeley’.

Here’s a short video of myself, and the other two amazing nominations:

As you can tell from the video, Alan and Kevin have been, and I’m sure will continue to be incredible for Gloucester.

When announcing my name for Ambassador of the Year, I felt really chocked up. I turned to my Dad and he was going a little CRAZY, screaming with pride, as he usually does. In fact, everyone on the table went crazy, and Kev even lent across and gave me a hug (although Kev and I are sole mates I don’t think he’s ever hugged me in my life – so it really was a proud moment!).

When being awarded, I cheekily asked if I could say a few words:

“I have only been doing what I have been doing for the last couple of years. As amazing as it is, I have got to be honest, the two other finalists have been doing it a lot longer and they deserve a huge amount of recognition. (At this point, everyone gave an enormous cheer and roar for Alan and Kevin!)

“I was up for a Pride of Britain Award last month but I have to say in the UK it was Gloucester, that was right behind me through my adventure so this award means so much more.”

Who would of thought it, an AMBASSADOR. Euh? It all sounds a bit to professional if you ask me – but as long as I don’t have to wear a shirt and tie to much and I can carry on wearing my flip flops and ridiculous costumes, then I’m happy.

There really are no other words than to say, thank you Gloucester.







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